Ipsos i-Say Review – Get Paid For What You Say or Scam?

ipsos i-say review

Ipsos i-Say is definitely one of the most well known survey sites. This is due, in part, to its size and long company history.

Ipsos, which is parent entity of i-Say, is a global market research firm that was founded in 1975. The word headquarters for the company is in Paris, France. Ipsos has grown to a significant size, boasting over 16,500 employees in over 80 countries.

Although the parent company Ipsos is a large global presence, is their paid survey site, Ipsos i-Say, any good? In this Ipsos i-Say review, we will analyze the opportunities i-Say has to offer and ultimately decide if it’s worthwhile.

What is Ipsos i-Say?

Per their website, Ipsos claims to be the world’s third largest survey focused research company. They also state that they service over 5,000 clients in over 100 countries using roughly 70 million interviews. In all, Ipsos is a power player in the paid survey business.

As Ipsos is a global company, i-Say is available in a variety of countries. Though, at the time of this review, the only active sign up portals were in the US and Canada. It appears that at times, i-Say is available in South America, Central America, The Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Oceania and Asia, though they were not open we when checked. If you’re interested, we’d recommend you check for yourself to see if your country (if you’re not in the US or Canada) is open for sign ups.

How to Reach Ipsos i-Say


If your country is available, you must be 18 years of age or older to join.

The sign up process is pretty simple and should only take a few minutes. You’ll need to answer a few demographic questions as well as some other pre-survey questions.

This survey sites panel has hundreds of thousands of members, of which, most have joined to voice their opinion as well as make some extra money.

How Does Ipsos i-Say Work?

In order to get started with Ipsos i-Say, you’ll need to complete their sign-up process.

Visit their site and fill out the first few questions (name, email, password, address, etc.) on the initial sign up page:

i-say initial sign up

After you complete that initial sign up, you’ll need to answer a few more specific demographic questions such as age, gender and income:

i-say demographics questions

After answering those questions your initial sign up is complete!

i-say thanks for signing up

Before your account is officially activated, you’ll need to go to your email inbox (using the email you signed up with) and click the link in the welcome email from Ipsos to confirm your account.

Now, you’re all set to enter the website! Go back to the site and login, if need be.

Once into your new account, you’ll need to take the “Getting to Know You” survey to provide Ipsos i-Say with some additional information so that they can match you with as many surveys as possible.

After that, you can start browsing the panel and finding ways to make money. Once you find a survey that will pay you with actual points (see the image below for an example) you can start the survey and begin amassing points. Once you earn enough points, you can exchange those points for payment, like an Amazon gift card or PayPal.

survey point value i-say

Ways to Earn

Ipsos i-Say is pretty much exclusively a paid survey site. While competitors like Swagbucks, offer many ways to earn, like watching videos and using coupons, i-Say stays focused on offering the user with many different ways to use their voice, through surveys and otherwise.

As i-Say is all about letting its users have a voice, they have a few ways in which those users can be rewarded for doing so:

Paid Surveys

This is by far the most popular way to make money on the site. One of the primary limitations to your earning potential here is that you will only get so many surveys per day, and some days will be better than others.

You can access your survey opportunities by clicking “Surveys” along the top navigation bar. There may even be a count for how many surveys you have available.

survey directions i-say

On your available surveys page, you can identify the survey opportunities as the ones that are offering points for taking the survey. Check out the example:

i-say find surveys

Completing these surveys is the quickest way to rack up points. Surveys on the site payout out an average between $0.45 and $2.00.

Loyalty Program

Ipsos i-Say has a loyalty  program to motivate you to continue taking surveys.

Therefore, when you complete specific amounts of surveys, you will be rewarded with extra points.

One important things to note, the loyalty program runs from January 1st to December 31st. The number of surveys you complete do not carry over, so it’s important to hit your next survey goal before the end of each year.

Here’s how the loyalty system works, based on the number of surveys taken:

i-say loyalty program

Community Polls

You’ll find many of these throughout the site. The community polls are questions that members of Ipsos i-Say have submitted for other members of i-Say to answer. Therefore, you can post a question if you like!

Although this often doesn’t payout in points like the surveys do, it could be a nice change of pace or an opportunity to take a break.

Click Draw

For every survey you take you get admitted into the Click Draw raffle. The more surveys you take, the more chances you have to win the draw. This is a drawing that takes place every 4 months during which 10 i-Say members are selected from the drawing and rewarded with 5,000 points each.

Lucky Grand Draw

Much like the Click Draw, the Grand Draw is a drawing that takes place every 4 months. You are admitted into the drawing everytime you redeem your rewards in the rewards catalog (cashing out for a gift card or PayPal). During the drawing, 5 members are selected and each win $1,000.

Poll Predictor

The poll predictor is an opportunity you get each time you finish a survey. You’re given a question and you must guess the percentage of respondents that answered “Yes” to the question. The closer you get to the percentage, the more chances you get to win a prize during the prize drawing. Those prize drawings take place every other week.

Exchange for Education

This is an opportunity to fund your education. Each entry into the drawing costs 200 points. In August, 3 winners are selected to receive $5,000, each.

Refer a Friend

We also observed that Ipsos i-Say rewards you for referring friends to the site. If the friend you refer signs up, you’ll be give 100 points.

Though, at the time of this review, we didn’t find the “refer a friend” option to be available. It may only be available at certain times, so check on your account if you’re interested.

What Are the Payment Options?

Ipsos i-Say has plenty of payment options and you’ll likely find your preferences among the many choices they offer.

Though before breaking down their rewards system, it’s important to understand their point to dollar ratio.

In most cases, 100 points = $1. That’s can vary between reward options, as some rewards many charge more when attempting larger payouts and some may even offer better exchange rates.

Here’s a few of the payment options at i-Say:

Gift Cards

Ipsos i-Say reward center has plenty of gift card options. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Olive Garden Gift Card
  • i-Say Prepaid Visa Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
  • Kohls Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
i-say rewards


This is one of the most popular way to get paid on survey sites, because you can spend this money however you’d like.

Donations to Charity

You can exchange your points as cash donations to charities like the Ronald McDonald house, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the American Heart Association, to name a few.


As stated earlier in this review, you can can exchange your points for entrances into various sweepstakes. One of the more popular sweepstakes is the “Exchange for Education” and it has a cash prize of $5,000.

i-Say Market

The Ipsos i-Say market is an interesting reward option as you use your points to purchase merchandise.

You use your i-Say points to obtain i-Say merchandise points and those points must then be converted into gallery points and you use those gallery points to purchase items from categories like electronics, fitness and beauty.

Note: Your i-Say merchandise points must be convert into gallery points within 90 days of their purchase. Those gallery points must be spent within a year.

Ipsos i-Say Coupons/Deals

Although we didn’t find any sign up offers or deals, Ipsos i-Say’s loyalty system is a decent deal. You are rewarded extra points just for using the service, which is a fine deal, especially just for using the service.

Ipsos i-Say Hacks

One of the primary Ipsos i-Say hacks is ensure to you take each survey that becomes available to you. As you are not always going to have many, it’s important to take the ones you qualify for.

If you are looking to cash out with gift cards or PayPal, the sooner you cash out the better. The larger payment options seem to have worse point to dollar exchange rates.

Check out the sweepstakes, depending upon the sweepstakes available, it may be worthwhile to pay to enter one of the sweepstakes. If you win, that’s the best money making opportunity on the site. We wouldn’t recommend spending all your points on that though.

Ipsos i-Say has an app. If you install the app, it provides a convenient way to take surveys on the go.

Lastly, as we mentioned above, the loyalty program is decent, ensure you keep track of where you’re at with the loyalty program, especially when the year is coming to a close.

Pros and Cons


  • check
    Variety of reward options
  • check
    Payout per survey is decent
  • check
    Simple, easy to use interface
  • check
    Quick sign up process
  • check
    Mobile app


  • Payouts take 3 to 4 weeks for PayPal and 4 to 8 weeks for gift cards
  • Available surveys are limited

Other Customer Reviews

As this is a larger survey site, there’s a lot of Ipsos i-Say reviews online.

sitejabber logo

On SiteJabber.com, user’s rated i-Say at a 2.5/5. Some of the users expressed their frustration with how long it took to receive their rewards.

Another user noted that they experienced technical difficulties with the site.

One more positive comment stated that they enjoy the site and it seems safe.

trust pilot star logo

TrustPilot.com rated i-Say at a 3/5. One user complained about slow loading times. Another stated that it took a decent amount of time to earn with the site.

Some other reviewers stated that i-Say is their favorite survey site. Another member said that they think Ipsos is a great company and that they’ve been using the service for years.

As with many survey sites, the reviews are mixed. One important thing to note, you need to keep your expectation realistic in terms of earnings. Taking surveys on this site will not provide a full time income, but it can offer extra spending money.

How Does It Compare?

In all, Ipsos i-Say is among the top survey sites. The panel isn’t without issues, but overall it holds up well to the competition.

In doesn’t have a ton of opportunities to earn, whereas sites like Swagbucks do, but i-Say does a good job as an all around survey site.

It certainly is comparable to some of the other big survey sites like Survey Junkie, Cash Crate and MySurvey.

The payout rate per survey is comparable to other paid survey sites and the rewards choices are more extensive than many of its competitors.


Is my personal information used?

Does i-Say ask for my credit card?

Where’s my payment?

Is Ipsos i-Say Legit or a Scam?

Being backed by a 40+ year old company (Ipsos),  you can’t really call i-Say a scam. Sure, it may take some time to accumulate earnings, but i-Say does payout.

i-Say has been around for quite some time and as they have hundreds of thousands of members, it’s clear that the site works for (at least some) people.

BBB logo


Their credibly is further enforced by their positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gave Ipsos (the company that runs i-Say) a rating of “A+” which is a great sign.

Is Ipsos i-Say Worth It?

In all, Ipsos i-Say is among the survey sites worth trying. This panel is backed by a respectable company and has a decent earning potential.

The website is pretty simple and there are quite a few options for redeeming your points. They also offer an app, which is an added convenience.

While i-Say isn’t the best survey site right now, it’s definitely worthy or adding to the list of survey sites you use.