MyPoints Review – They Offer Many Ways to Earn but Is It Legit?

mypoints review

There are many surveys sites that are just that, survey sites. They’ll offer you a variety of surveys to take and in exchange for completing them, you’ll get paid.

Though, some sites exist that not only offer paid surveys as a way to earn with their site, but they also offer a variety of other ways to earn.

In addition to surveys, these could be things like printing out coupons and playing games. Does that sounds familiar? Although not many sites offer such expansive money making opportunities, Swagbucks is one of the largest to do so. Are there any other sites that offer a multitude of ways to earn points on top of surveys?


Another popular rewards site is MyPoints. MyPoints allows members to get paid for doing surveys as well as playing games, watching videos and more.

That’s great to know the site offers a variety of ways to earn points, but is MyPoints worth it? In our MyPoints review, we’ll put this site to test and decide if holds up to the best of best survey sites.

What is MyPoints?

So MyPoints offers a few of the same earning systems Swagbucks does, is that a coincidence? Well upon researching the company behind MyPoints, we’ve learned that it’s not a coincidence at all.

MyPoints is a digital rewards program that is owned by Prodege, LLC. Sound familiar? Well it should, because Prodege is also the owner of Swagbucks. In addition to MyPoints and Swagbucks, they own Shop at Home and My Gift Cards Plus.

According to Prodege’s website, they aim to better consumer influence. They help brands by increasing their engagement with consumers. With MyPoints, brands can increase consumer exposure, get input from their users and compile insights, all in order to help foster brand loyalty. Protege makes this all possible through things like surveys, videos, shopping, search, games and discovery on their various platforms.

Prodege’s brand partners are able to get these valuable insights with the assistance of the 40 million members within the Protege network. Additionally, by connecting those retailers with so many consumers, retailers can improve sales significantly. Those members, in turn for their efforts, are paid. Across all of their platforms, Protege has paid out over $500 million in gift cards and cash back.

Now, that all speaks to Protege as a whole. Lets focus in on one of their digital rewards divisions, MyPoints.

MyPoints allows advertisers to make contact with over 9 million registered online shoppers (members of MyPoints) by rewarding those shoppers with points for making purchases at over 1,500 different retailers.

Advertisers are able to get expertly targeted promotions by only focusing on members that fit a specific criteria. This could be things like that member’s demographics, purchasing behavior and interests.

This all works fluidly, as MyPoints members are answering questions (and making purchases) around things they like and the advertisers can use the platform to meet their goals such as boosting sales, increasing website traffic and creating new leads.

MyPoints members have plenty of opportunities on the site as various brand partners are eager to get information on consumer interests.

How Does MyPoints Work?

By now, it’s clear that the MyPoints platform works by rewarding members with points for supplying important insights businesses are looking for, through things like surveys, videos and deals.

MyPoints also helps brand partners to generate leads and sales by offering members points for shopping with those brand partners (using things like coupons and deals).

In order to become a member and start earning points, go to the MyPoints sign up page and enter your email and create a preferred password.

sign up mypoints

After that you’ll answer questions about your name, gender, birthday and zip code:

member gender mypoints

And after clicking “Join Now” you’ll be done with the first step of signing up. You’ll then be prompted to start exploring the various ways to earn on MyPoints.

getting started mypoints

Before you get too involved in any of those options, make sure you go to your email inbox and verify your MyPoints account:

verify email mypoints

After that, the first thing we recommend doing is clicking “Surveys” in the top bar (which pulls up the available survey list). You won’t be able to complete any surveys until you complete the “Unlock surveys in the list” survey.

unlock surveys mypoints

The survey will take less than 5 minutes and will cover basic demographic questions about your age, birthday, income level, education level, family finances, relationship status, home ownership info, children, race, employment status, workplace and workplace role. You’ll even get 10 points for your effort.

To further fill out your profile, we’d recommend you fill out a few rounds of the Survey Profile questions:

survey profile questions mypoints

Each round consists of 10 questions, where you pick your answer from the dropdown, and are paid 5 points everytime you complete a round of 10 questions.

These questions are meant to help MyPoints get to know you further and by doing so, better target surveys and offers unique to you.

MyPoints works by paying members with points for doing things like shopping online, watching videos, reading emails, taking surveys and more. With those earned points, members can exchange their points for gift cards, PayPal or even travel miles.

how mypoints works

Ways to Earn

This is one of the areas where MyPoints shines as they have quite a few ways to earn points. These ways range from taking surveys to playing games, we’ve broken down all the ways to earn with MyPoints below:

MyPoints Surveys

MyPoints Surveys are the most popular and efficient way to earn with MyPoints. Members will be offered surveys about topics like lifestyle, travel, health and even products.

The survey dashboard provides a complete list of what survey are available. That dashboard also includes the expected completion time and total points for completion. To take a survey simply click the “Take Survey” button.

Those surveys can expire, so it’s wise to take all available surveys as quickly as possible. Also, new surveys are added at random times throughout the day, so watch for them.

It’s also important to note that you should be honest when completing each survey, if you’re not, your survey access could get blocked.

You should also answer rounds of profiles questions when you can. This will help match you with as many surveys as possible.

survey dashboard mypoints

MyPoints Video

Under MyPoints video, members can watch videos from categories like news, entertainment, food, health and more.

Members can earn points by watching playlists of videos. Each playlist will vary in its total time and number of included videos. Check out the point value for completing each playlist in the upper right corner of the video preview.

video playlist mypoints

After clicking a playlist, the video player will launch and the videos will begin to play. Each video in the playlist autoplays to the next. After watching a video for a certain amount of time, that video will be considered “watched.”

When the playlist is completed, you’ll be given the promised points. You can continue to play other playlists and earn points. You can earn up to 500 points per day via watching videos.

watch videos mypoints


Using nCrave members can earn points by reading articles, checking out slideshows and watching videos. You can earn points just for simply enjoying content like articles and videos about topics the interest you.

The types of topics you may see include tech news, finance info, health tips and entertainment/gossip.

After you finish watching/reading each nCraze, the points are added to your account.

nCrave mypoints


Earn points for shopping at any of over 1,900 retailers through MyPoints.

Browse through the various MyPoints’ partners and see if any of the retailers interest you. Some retailers provide coupons and/or offers to MyPoints members. You can also see how many points you’ll earn per dollar spent at that retailer (or you may receive a lump sum).

Shopping Online

If you’re shopping online, in order to ensure you get credit for the money you spend at each retailer, you have to click either the “Earn Points” button or possibly a “Use Coupon” button to activate the offer. MyPoints requires that you follow the link from their site to the retailer in order to receive credit.

earn shopping online mypoints

Local Deals

Members can access to local deals by purchasing vouchers or goods from outlets like LivingSocial and Groupon. For each dollar you spend you’ll earn points.

local deals mypoints


If you’d like to redeem one of the MyPoints in-store offers, simply go to the store, purchase the product according the description listed on MyPoints and upload your receipt.

in store rebates mypoints

MyPoints Score

By adding the Chrome extension, MyPoints Score, to your Chrome browser, you’ll get notifications anytime a points earning opportunity comes up. It will also notify you when a discount or coupon becomes available.

When you shop online at qualified retailers, the extension will automatically credit you points for making a purchase.

Using the extension just helps you stay up to date with MyPoints while browsing the web.

mypoints score

Reading Email

MyPoints members can receive BonusMail, which supplies opportunities to earn points. Often, members can earn 5 points just for clicking on the links.


Browse through the various offers MyPoints has. This is a quick way to earn points.

For example, you could sign up for Hulu for $7.99 and receive 2,000 points or purchase the Dollar Shave Club $5 Starter Set and get up to 3,500 points.

If you are genuinely interested in any of the offers MyPoints has, it’s great way to get points for things you wanted anyway.

The number of points you get for the offer may even cover the price you paid for the offer and then some!

offers mypoints

Search the Web

Using the MyPoints search engine (powered by Yahoo!), you can earn points just for surfing the web. You can randomly receive 170 points just for using the MyPoints search bar.

search and earn mypoints

Printing Coupons

Members can print coupons and use the coupons to not only save at the grocery store, but also earn points for doing so. By redeeming these manufacturer coupons (offered on MyPoints by and members can earn points.

For each coupon printed, 1 points is awarded and for each coupon redeemed, 10 points are awarded.

print coupons mypoints

Playing Games

Members can earn points for playing games. The games typically work by offering you a certain amount of points per dollar you spend within the game.

For example, when playing Wheel of Fortune, members can receive 4 points for each dollar spent in that game.

games mypoints


Referring friends is a great way to earn extra points for minimal work. You can earn 25 points when your friend accepts your invite to MyPoints (using your referral link). Additionally, you can earn points when your friend spends $20 or more and you’re also eligible to get a bonus based on the points your friend earns (don’t worry, your friend doesn’t lose any points - you are rewarded a percentage of what they earned just for referring them).

refer a friend mypoints

Daily 5

Everyday you can get 5 points just for earning points with 5 different methods on the site, eligible offers or a mix of both. You can see your progress on the Daily 5 in the upper right side of the screen.

daily 5 mypoints
point perks mypoints

Point Perks

You may find codes MyPoints occasionally posts on their site and throughout their social media outlets. By following MyPoints on Twitter and Facebook you can be ready for Point Perk Alerts.

When you get the code simply enter it click the upper right side of screen that says “Point Perks.”

Daily Poll

By completing the Daily Poll you can get 1 point, everyday (just for answering one question). The Daily Polls can be found under the “More” option on the navigation bar on the top of the screen.

daily poll mypoints


Members can earn points for any travel related spending such as renting a hotel, booking a flight or renting a car. MyPoints typically offers a certain amount of points per dollar spent.

earn points for travel mypoints

What Are the Payment Options?

The rewards redemption system with MyPoints is pretty good. The payment options are divided into three categories.

Gift Cards

You can choose to cash out your points with a gift card from over 70 types. They have many of the most popular choices like Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, eBay, Starbucks, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Papa Johns and various other options.

rewards mypoints


You can also choose to be paid via more cash direct options like PayPal or a Visa prepaid gift card.

cash rewards mypoints

Travel Miles

This is one of the more unique payment options among survey sites.

You can trade your points for miles added to your United MileagePlus account.

MyPoints Coupons/Deals

The best MyPoints deal right now (on top of using the site for the deals and coupons it offers) is if you make a qualified purchase of $20 or more through the site (in your first 30 days), you’ll get a $10 gift card. This is a pretty good deal, especially if you already had planned on shopping at any of those stores or were interested in a few of the deals.

MyPoints Hacks

As there’s so many ways to earn with MyPoints, it can be tough to decide how you should use your time. To help you maximize your earnings with MyPoints, we’ve broken down our top money making tips when using their site.

Complete the Sign Up Process

This may go without saying, but it’s important to complete any and all introductory surveys that MyPoints provides. After you get your account created, make sure you finish the “complete your profile” survey. This asks you a series of demographic related questions such as race, income and more. Make sure you are as honest and accurate as possible when filling out the survey. This survey will help decide what surveys you will qualify for in the future, so it’s important to provide honest answers.

Additionally, complete the “Survey Profile” questions when you can. You can take them in rounds of 10 questions and this also helps build out your profile so that you can qualify for any and all surveys targeted to your demographic profile.

In all, make sure your survey profile is complete. You want to do everything you can to maximize the number of surveys that come to your dashboard.

Take All Surveys

Taking surveys should be your primary focus on MyPoints before trying their other earnings methods. Surveys on the site typically pay better than the other methods for your time.

Complete all the surveys you have in your dashboard, everyday. It would be worthwhile to check the dashboard multiple times per day if you can.

Survey offers can expire, so it’s important to finish them quickly.

Use the Deals

It may sound a bit counterintuitive to spend money to make money, but this is a legit way to earn points. Many times the deals that you are taking cost less than what you are paid in points. For example, by getting Dollar Shave Club’s $5 Starter Set you are given 3,500 points (or about $20). So you spend $5 to make $20. It would be best to use this type of strategy on offers that you’re actually interested in.

Let's say you actually wanted to try Blue Apron and it just so happens you’ll get 4,500 points for joining; that’s the ideal scenario.

This is definitely a quick and easy way to turn a profit.

MyPoints Score

Using the browser extension helps keep you up to date with any money making opportunities that come up while you surf the web. It’s a great way to stay connected while not on the site.


Shopping is another great way to earn points, but only if you are buying things that you were going to do anyway.

We don’t recommend you make purchases just to earn points, that would be a waste of money.

If you find that stores you would shop at anyway are offering points per dollar spent (in the shopping section of MyPoints), take advantage of it. It a great way to get “cash back” for purchases you were already planning to make.

In all, you won’t get rich with MyPoints, but you can earn some spending money. Thing like the Daily 5 help to keep you on track and earning points daily. Settings point goals and working to meet those goals will go a long way in terms of profits.

Pros and Cons


  • check
    Many different ways to earn points
  • check
    Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • check
    Backed by a credible research company
  • check
    Variety of payment options
  • check
    Easy to navigate website
  • check
    Simple sign up process


  • Point to dollar ratio isn’t simple
  • PayPal minimum cash out is high (3,970 points)
  • Only available in US and Canada

Other Customer Reviews

Other MyPoints reviews have a variety of opinions on the site. Just because the site offers many different earning options, it doesn’t mean it will make customers happy.

We took a look a a few customer reviews to get an idea of the general consensus.

sitejabber logo

Some of the reviewers on Sitejabber weren’t happy as they claimed to not always be credited their points for surveys and videos. Other noted that they had their account closed for no apparent reason.

One of the more positive reviews stated that they initially weren’t given their reward but after contacting MyPoints, the issue was resolved and they received their gift card. Another stated that they liked the choices for earning points.

trust pilot star logo

Some of the negative reviews on TrustPilot stated that they struggled with getting rejected from surveys during the screening process.

For the most part, the reviews on TrustPilot were very positive. A few members said that MyPoints is their favorite survey site. Others noted that they’ve been with MyPoints for years and have used it as a way to earn extra cash. Lastly, a reviewer stated the enjoying getting to test products.

Reviews vary for MyPoints, there are some negative and positive ones. The positive reviews seem to show an appreciation for the site and its variety. The negative reviews, although disappointing, seem as though they could be corrected by customer support (in some cases, they were corrected). If you run into any issues, we'd definitely recommend reaching out to customer support. MyPoints could be an even better service is their customer support can address issues as they come up. That is of course, if MyPoints customer service is responsive.

How Does It Compare?

MyPoints matches up well to the competition. In terms of earning options, MyPoints has more to pick from than survey focused sites like VIP Voice and Survey Club. Although, we didn’t find that MyPoints had the best payout per survey that some other surveys do.

Really, the strongest element to MyPoints is the variety to their platform. It’s similar to Swagbucks in that way. Although, we’d have to say that Swagbucks does it a bit better.

That said, MyPoints is an upper tier survey sites and is definitely better than many of its competitors.


What does MyPoints do with my personal information?

What are BonusMails?

How do I close my MyPoints account?

Is MyPoints Legit or a Scam?

Even with complaints online about MyPoints not properly crediting points or other account issues, there are also plenty of positive reviews of users that really enjoy the site.

After completing our research, we’ve found that MyPoints is not a scam.

MyPoints was founded in 1996 and has built a pretty respectable user base, and growing. Although the customer service doesn’t appears to be perfect, we’ve seen many members get their issues resolved by MyPoints support. Also their privacy policy is explained well and it’s honest in that they agree not to share any personal member information without consent.

Prodege, the company that owns MyPoints, is a respectable presence in the paid survey world. They own Swagbucks too, which is one of the top survey sites, so the company seems to know what they’re doing.

BBB logo


Prodege has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since May 2010. Their “A” rating shows that they are (at least) a pretty reputable company. Prodege’s portfolio of sites is impressive and they are committed to provided consumer driven data.

In all, MyPoints is a legit site and you can get paid by putting in the work and providing your opinion.

Is MyPoints Worth It?

We can’t say that MyPoints is our number one survey site, but it is a pretty good choice. Their site is easy to use, the reward system has great choices and the ways to earn are plentiful.

If you’re looking to add another survey site to your daily rotation, MyPoints is a compelling option.

If you’re new to survey sites and are looking for your first one, MyPoints is a fine pick. Especially because it provides users with so many choices. It’s definitely above average in terms of survey site quality.

If you happen to give MyPoints a try, let us know your experience in the comments below.

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Profit Potential
Payout Options
Customer Service
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