Survey Club Review – What You Should Know Before Joining

survey club review

Although Survey Club isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the most popular survey sites, it’s certainly has been around as long as most of them. They’ve also managed to acquire a pretty respectable community size.

Survey Club is among the “club” of survey only sites, meaning you take surveys for cash on this site, nothing else (like watching videos or downloading apps).

Well, is Survey Club a worthwhile opportunity? We’ll take a look at Survey Club in this review and let you know if you can make any money, or not.

What is Survey Club?

As I said above, Survey Club has been around for some time, as they were established in 2005.

Much like other survey sites, you qualify for various surveys based off of your information. They label themselves as a “research recruitment platform” in which users of the site are utilized to help brings insights into interests in specific markets. Businesses can use this information to make calculated decisions.

How to Reach Survey Club


1675 Larimer Street

Suite 640

Denver, CO 80202

You can make your money off of the site by answering these survey questions and even receive bonuses, occasionally.

Basically, Survey Club is a site that can pay you to take surveys through your participation in market research. Many have already taken an interest in the site as they’ve surpassed 16 million members.

How Does Survey Club Work?

If you’re 13 years of age or older, you’re eligible to sign up for Survey Club, which you can do so through filling out a profile on the website or simply logging in with your Facebook account.

When signing up you’ll answer demographics about your age, living situation, marital status, ethnicity, income, interests, among other topics.

An important thing to note before going through the sign-up process, Survey Club currently only takes candidates from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

First you go to their create an account page:

create an account survey club

From there, fill out all requested information. Then you’ll be prompted to tell a little more about yourself, elaborating on things like income, employment and education. You’ll also identify any health conditions as well as lifestyle characteristics.

survey club demographics information

You’ll then be asked to join a few other survey sites. I found this step particularly interesting; why would I sign up for those sites when I’m currently signing up for their site? But they explained it as an opportunity to increase your earnings, which is certainly a reasonable expectation to have when joining multiple survey sites.

join other offers survey club

Don’t feel any obligation to join the other sites if you don’t want to at that moment, you can just continue if you’d prefer. And after completing those steps, you’re all signed up!

complete sign up survey club

From there you’ll be prompted to check out your survey board.

When you’ve completed all that info, you will start qualifying for surveys. Typically they will notify you by email when one becomes available.

Keep in mind, when you begin a survey, you may have to answer a few qualification questions to ensure you’re the right fit for the survey. This may take some patience, especially if you get kicked out of the survey during the screening process. Though, when properly qualified you can expect payment for each and every survey successfully completed.

Ways to Earn

How you earn with Survey Club can be broken down into the following categories.

General/Daily Surveys

Daily surveys are guaranteed to come into your inbox everyday and often are labeled things like “General Opinion Survey” and “Consumer Opinion Survey.” These are simple surveys that take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes and pay from $0.50 to $5.00. Some of these relatively generic surveys may be more valuable than others, it just depends on the survey.

Often times, these more general surveys are broken down into parent categories (see below) and you can take about 3 per category each day.

survey club available surveys

There could be more specific survey opportunities (with higher profit potential) that show up in this dashboard as well.

Clinical Studies & Focus Groups

This is where your money making opportunities become more promising.

You can participate in focus groups that may pay a few hundred dollars apiece These normally take place in a group dynamic and you can be expected to answer questions in addition to interacting with the group. These typically take time though.

When you signed up, you answered questions about your health conditions. These conditions can qualify you to participate in clinical studies in which you may receive significant payment and free treatments.

What Are the Payment Options?

Upon amassing $20 on the site, you can request payment. Although it can be faster, expect processing time to take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks.

The biggest payment options are an Amazon gift card, PayPal or a check in the mail.

Keep in mind, this $20 is money you’ve made on Survey Club, not the other sites that they had recommended you join like MySurvey and Ipsos i-Say.

Survey Club Coupons/Deals

At the time of this review, we weren’t able to find any sign up offers or deals. We’ll keep you posted should they ever arrive.


Whereas as other sites, like Swagbucks, offer sign-up offers, Survey Club seems to boast a quick sign-up process and a reasonable cash out minimum instead.

Survey Club Hacks

The primary Survey Club hack is to take your time when signing up and filling out the forms with as much information as you can provide (accurate demographic information, complete health conditions, all your assets, etc.). By doing this you can increase your chances of getting each survey opportunity possible.

Check your survey dashboard at least daily, not only to fill out the daily surveys, but to keep an eye out for any higher value survey opportunities.

Keeping an eye on your inbox is a great idea as well to ensure you don’t miss any surveys or focus group opportunities.

Another way to earn money is by referring friends, so if you end up enjoying the site, you could get paid to refer your friends.

Pros and Cons


  • check
    Long history
  • check
    Reasonable customer support
  • check
    Decent payout minimum and convenient payout methods
  • check
    Simple interface
  • check
    Have an in-depth Privacy Policy and respectable earnings disclosure


  • Not always many survey taking opportunities and when there are, you may fail out during the pre-survey screening
  • Tries to send you to other survey panels
  • May spam your email

Other Customer Reviews

There are plenty of other members leaving their own Survey Club reviews online, in all, most of those reviews aren’t extremely positive.

One of the primary issues brought up among other reviews is the amount of spam they are sent. Although many of the emails Survey Club sends are about legit opportunities, they tend to send too many.

Others expressed their frustration with failing the pre survey screening. They would start a survey only to get disqualified shortly after. Others note they had a hard time even getting survey opportunities to begin with.

Another review stated that their payout time is longer than they’d prefer.

On a more positive note,  a few reviewers appreciated the focus group element of the site and thought it was an interesting way to earn money.

How Does It Compare?

Survey Club is an interesting site to compare because they entice you to join other survey sites on their website. So in a way it seems they realize they don’t cover everything other survey sites do, so they just let you know which ones they think you should sign up for.

Overall, Survey Club is not among the very best survey sites. It has a pleasant and organized interface and does offer some survey opportunities. Though when compared to other survey focused sites like Survey Junkie and  My Survey, it just doesn’t have the same amount of opportunities.

Is Survey Club Legit or a Scam?

Although Survey Club isn’t a perfect site, it can’t really be called a scam.

BBB logo


The site has a proven record as it’s been around since 2005 and has over 16 million members.  If it was truly a scam it wouldn’t have made it this far.

We can appreciate that the site doesn’t promote itself as a way to get rich quick, there’s really no survey site that can honestly promise that. They offer an earnings disclaimer in which they explain that while you can make money with their site, you shouldn’t expect it to be substantial enough to be an income.

Also, their support desk is accessible and prompt if you ever need to reach out to them, which is a good sign.

Is Survey Club Worth It?

This survey site certainly isn’t the first one you should sign up for, there’s a variety of quality survey sites out there and this is not at the top of the list.

However, if you are a looking for a simple survey site without an overwhelming amount of opportunities, no complex point to dollar ratio and simple payouts, Survey Club may be worthy of adding to your survey site lineup. Notice I said “add” to your lineup, we would use this site in conjunction with other survey sites if we were to use it on a regular basis.

Overall, do you need to sign up for this site right now? No. But if if you’re ever running low on survey site opportunities, Survey Club may be worth a look.