VIP Voice Review – Are the Rewards Legit or a Scam?

vip voice review

When it comes to survey sites, one of the first things people looks at is the site’s rewards program. What are the redemption options? How much do you get paid? These are all great questions to ask before signing up.

On this particular point, VIP Voice sets itself apart from the rest. Is this a good thing? Well, in this VIP Voice review, we’ll take a look at the rewards program as well as the site overall and decide if it’s worth the time.

What is VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is an online research community that’s owned by The NPD Group. Their parent company, The NPD Group, is a well established market research company that was founded in 1967.

The NPD Group helps companies make better business decisions by providing them with market information.

As stated on the VIP Voice site, this research panel helps companies to create products designed for the right markets at the right price, in order to be most successful. The information learned from the research conducted on VIP Voice helps these companies to make these important decisions.

How to Reach VIP Voice

The NPD Group, Inc.

900 West Shore Road

Port Washington, NY 11050 USA

The NPD Group (using VIP Voice) conducts over 12 millions surveys each year. Members of VIP Voice share their opinion on a host of topics and companies utilize that survey information (as well a retail info The NPD Group acquires from retailers) to make efficient and effective decisions in the business process.

Members of VIP Voice share their opinions on purchased products and services, stores they shop at, and many other things to help the brands and companies that create those products/service to improve upon themselves. At times, the collective information gained (from yourself and other members) can be summarized and used in media reports.

VIP Voice covers many different topics ranging from food, fashion, movies, video games, appliances and more. They look to get opinions from anyone on the products/services that they use.

How Does VIP Voice Work?

By this point, it’s pretty clear that VIP Voice is backed by a credible company in The NPD Group. The company supplies many of the Fortune 500 companies with valuable information that’s ultimately used to make important business decisions.

Even with all this, VIP Voice has accumulated quite a few complaints. This could largely be due to how their rewards system works. Before we get into that though, let’s break down the sign up process.

In order to sign up, first you need to go to Vip Voice’s website and create a new profile.

basic information vip voice

After clicking “Register” you have successfully created an account. Next, you’ll need to check your email for a confirmation from VIP Voice. After you verify your email, login to your newly created account on the VIP Voice website.

After logging in you’ll need to answer a few more “Basic Information” questions. This covers things that were covered when signing up (like gender, birth date, etc.) as well as information like your address, income and the number of people that you live with.

After completing the “Basic Information” questions you’ll be brought to a new page that’s labeled “Household Profile.” On this page you’ll answer questions about who the head of your household is and the birthdates of the other people that live with you.

household profile vip voice

This last step completes the sign up process. If you have yet to verify your email you’ll be asked again to do so.

verify email vip voice

Now that covers the sign up process, after completing those steps you’ll be ready to start taking surveys to earn rewards.

Click the “Survey Center” button along the top bar of the site to begin earning points:

survey center vip voice

To take a survey, click the “Take Survey Now” button and you’ll go to the next survey in your queue to be completed.

take a survey vip voice

Each survey earns you a varying amount of points. The amount you earn depends upon what level you’re at. We’ll explain that more below.

Ways to Earn

As we mentioned in the previous section, the primary way to earn points is by completing surveys.

Most of the surveys start with a few screening questions to qualify you for the actual survey. Even if you fail the screening, VIP Voice typically awards you a few points for your efforts.

You can be notified of surveys via email or by just logging into your profile and checking to see what’s available. The format in which you complete surveys can vary from standard 10 minute surveys to week long studies on your daily eating habits.

VIP Voice uses a “level” system to decide where users rank among the rest. The level system is as follows:

types of levels vip voice

As you can see, there are five levels. Every member starts out at level 1 and they level up by taking more surveys. For example, after completing two surveys you can reach level 2 and after completing twenty surveys you’ve reached level 5 (the highest level).

The higher the level, the better, as you earn more points per survey when your reach higher levels.

So you earn more points per survey as you level up.

The level you’re currently at can be tracked along the top right corner on the site.

In regard to the points described in the table above:

VIP Participation Points are points given when a user attempts to take a survey but doesn’t make it past the screening questions.

VIP Qualification Points are points given when a member qualifies for and completes a survey.

VIP Participation and Qualification Points ultimately just become “ VIP Points” once they are added to your account.

What Are the Payment Options?

Their payment options system is where VIP Voice separates itself from other survey sites.

Members earn points for each survey they complete, which is pretty typical among survey sites. Though, whereas most survey sites convert those earned points into checks and gift cards, VIP Voice exchanges the points for entries into sweepstakes and bidding contests.

You heard that right, no direct cash payments.

Instead, users can win prizes in exchange for their efforts. See below for an explanation of each of the payment types.

Payment From Studies

This is possibly one of the only “sure thing” rewards when it comes to VIP Voice.

If you take part in a study, such as a week long food journal where you document everything you’ve eaten over the course of a week, you may be rewarded with an actual gift card at the end. We’ve seen these types of studies payout, on average, with a $25 gift card and 700 VIP Points.


BidLand is one of the reward options on VIP Voice where you use your VIP Points to bid in auctions for items you want. This system is a bit like eBay, except you are using your rewards points to pay for the item.

The auctions are for things like grills, bluetooth speakers, gift cards and blenders.

auctions BidLand vip voice

Some auctions require you to be at a certain level before bidding. If you aren’t at a high enough level, the required level will be shown in grey in the lower left corner of the preview for the item.

Auctions, especially for high value items, can get pretty high in points bidded. You may find that you don’t have enough points to bid on an item you want. If you’re looking to redeem your rewards immediately rather than saving up, try bidding on a lower value item.

Each auction will show the current highest bid, the bidder’s name, number of bids and the time left for the auction.

If you are outbid, the points you had previously bid are placed back into your account and can be used in that auction again in the form of a new, higher bid. Or you could just use the points for another auction.

If you win the auction those points are exchanged for the item you won and the item will be sent to you.


SweepLand is another option users have to exchange their points for prizes on VIP Voice.

Much like BidLand, if you haven’t reached the required level to enter the sweepstake, the level necessary will be shown in grey in the bottom left corner on the sweepstake preview.

In SweepLand, you use your points to enter into sweepstakes. The more points you enter, the more chances you have to win a particular item.

Whereas in BidLand the highest bidder wins, in SweepLand, the winner is randomly chosen. So if your really want a prize ensure you’ve entered plenty of points.

Though, if you don’t win the sweepstake, the points you entered are not returned to your account.

The prizes are things like vacation trips, cash, computers and electronics.

Here’s a few examples:

sweepstakes vip voice

Plink in One

Plink in One is a variation of Plinko, in which member can click to have the ball fall through the plinks into a specific prize on the bottom. The prize the ball lands in is the prize the member gets.

Here’s the rewards:

plink in one vip voice

Members can only play once per day, but it’s a great way to earn a prize or extra points.

These are the primary ways to get rewards on the site, however, at times VIP Voice may run additional rewards options, such as their Spring Scratch ‘N’ Match program.

VIP Voice Coupons/Deals

Other than VIP Voice being free to join, there are currently no coupons or deals for the site.

However, an advantage of the site is when you first sign up you’re entered into a $1,000 quarterly registration sweepstake. You are entered into this sweepstake just for signing up.

VIP Voice Hacks

Although the site is pretty straight forward as to getting rewards, there are a few hacks to ensure you maximize your potential on the site.

Level Up As Fast As Possible

You reach a new level every time you hit a required number of completed surveys. The higher your level the more you earn per survey, so take as many surveys as you can upon signing up to reach the top level. That way you can be sure you’re earning the max.

Play Plink in One Everyday

Regardless of if you get a great prize or not, Plink in One is free to play and has decent potential rewards. For example, we recently played and got the 2,500 point prize. That’s a decent reward for less than a minute of work. Even if you don’t win anything, is worth trying everyday.

Limit Your Entries In SweepLand

The issue with SweepLand is if you don’t win, you lose all the points you had entered. That’s really an issue with sweepstakes in general, but for VIP Voice members, those points were the result of hard work.

Therefore, unless you see a sweepstake for an item your really want, try to limit the amount of points you enter in SweepLand.

If you like the idea of trying your luck, SweepLand is a perfectly fine choice for your points. We just like the idea of ensuring our points are being used for a prize we actually get.

Focus on BidLand

BidLand is likely your best bet, as far as prizes go. The primary advantage to BidLand is if you are outbid, your points are returned to you.

The best strategy for using BidLand is to save up as many points as you can. Check out BidLand and get an idea of how many points items you want are costing other members. When your reach a threshold of the points necessary for some of the items your want, keep an eye out for an item that interests you.

When you come across one, don’t bid right away. Instead, wait until the bid is almost over so that you not only know how many points it will take to win, you also don’t get so emotionally invested in the auction that you bid more than you realistically should.

If the bid for an item gets too high, hold out for the next item that interests you. The best strategy with BidLand is to efficiently use your points.

Pros and Cons


  • check
    BidLand is an interesting concept in that you bid for prizes rather than just exchanging points for rewards
  • check
    Getting more points per survey for higher account levels is a great way to reward members for their work
  • check
    VIP Participation Points are nice in that you get something even if you don’t pass the screening questions


  • No direct points to payment system (like gift cards and checks)
  • Must reach specific level thresholds for certain items in BidLand and SweepLand
  • 100 points = $1 is a standard conversion rate for survey sites, if an item surpasses its points to cash value in BidLand, it’s not a good value for the member

Other Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews for VIP Voice aren’t great.

Many VIP Voice reviews stated that they spent tons of points in SweepLand but never won anything.

Some users wished that their points could be used for concrete rewards rather than bidding for prizes or entering sweepstakes.

Other more positive reviews stated that they liked that the site’s rewards system was different than other survey sites, but they also stressed than the system wasn’t flawless.

Some other reviews mentioned that the helpdesk response time was pretty decent.

Overall, the consensus of other VIP Voice reviews is that the site can be fun and unique, but it can be difficult to actually get the various prizes offered and so can get frustrating when a significant amount of effort is dedicated to the site.

How Does It Compare?

VIP Voice is similar to other “survey only” sites like MySurvey and Survey Club in that the site’s primary earning system is based on taking surveys.

Among other survey sites, VIP Voice sets itself apart in that they use a bidding/sweepstakes rewards system rather than the point for gift card/cash redemption system most survey sites use. Whether this system is better or worse is up to the user, though we slightly prefer a system where we know exactly how much each prize costs.

Compared to other survey sites like Swagbucks, VIP Voice doesn’t have nearly as many opportunities to earn points (like watching videos and downloading apps).


What are my chances of winning a sweepstake in SweepLand?

Where can I see the winners of the past sweepstakes/auctions?

Why didn’t I receive my VIP Points?

Is VIP Voice Legit or a Scam?

VIP Voice certainly brings mixed reviews due to its rewards model. Some users feel scammed when they place points into the SweepLand but never win anything.

Though, for the site to be considered a scam, it would need to be trying to trick its users. It doesn’t seem like that’s what VIP Voice is doing. They clearly explain their system on their site and it is at the user’s discretion as to how they use their points. When it comes to things like sweepstakes, it is risky by nature to put hard earned points into that type of reward.

Therefore, we can understand some user’s frustrations with the site and feel as though it’s scam. We think it’s very important for users to be compensated for their time and so, we recommend those interested should really learn how VIP Voice works before trying it.

The site isn’t a scam, but it can waste your time if your don’t use it properly.

BBB logo


One thing worth noting is the Better Business Bureau’s overview of The NPD Group (the parent company of VIP Voice). The BBB gave The NPD Group an A+ rating. That definitely shows that the company behind VIP Voice is legit.

Is VIP Voice Worth It?

Whether VIP Voice is worth it, really depends on the person. If you are the type of person that enjoys auctions and sweepstakes, you’ll really like VIP Voice and their payment model.

Though, if you like a “sure thing” rewards system where you can get a direct point to money ratio (like 500 points for a $5 Amazon gift card), then VIP Voice may not be for you.

You may get great deals for your points in auctions or get lucky and win a sweepstake, but you could also have trouble winning those sweepstakes and need to bid unreasonably high in auctions to get prizes you want.

If VIP Voice and its rewards system sounds like something you’d be interested in, there’s no harm in trying it out. Just manage your expectations and realize that you may not win every sweepstake and the auctions may be tough to win.

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Profit Potential
Payout Options
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